The UK Purine Club was established in 2009 following an inaugural meeting at The University of Sheffiield. It is hoped that in addition to bringing together researchers from across the UK at an annual meeting, the UK Purine Club can help to support the activities and careers of UK scientists working on purine related research.

“Our mission is to promote research, scholarship and education in the biology of purines and related molecules.”

"The purinergic signalling field is happily, rapidly expanding and there are many scientists around the world involved. Germany, Italy and Japan have established national 'Purine Clubs', which have very successful meetings, and we hear that Spain, Brazil, Scandinavia and possibly the USA and Canada are in the process of trying to set up Purine Clubs. There are quite a few scientists in the UK working on different aspects of purinergic signalling, so we feel that the time has come to establish a UK Purine Club. We hope that you agree and will play an active role in its various activities."

Professor Geoffrey Burnstock, PhD DSc FAA FRCS (Hon) FRCP(Hon) FMedSci, July 2009

UK PC Committee

President: Prof Geoff Burnstock Vice-President: Dr Allie Gartland

Committee members: James Gallagher, Nick Dale, Robert Unwin, Vera Ralevic, Alan North, Charles Kennedy, Richard Evans, Alex Verkhratsky, Ruth Murrell-Lagnado and Bronwen Evans.